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One question to test your quality system

Here’s a simple question to ascertain if your organisation is on the road to consistently high quality care.

What does your organisation’s quality system manager/team spend most of their time doing?

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Four excerpts from 'The Point of Care' book...

What happens when a new CEO is given 6 months to fix a health service riddled with quality problems?  Drawing on my first two 'technical' books, my research into effective quality systems and many years in the quality and clinical governance trenches, this 'business fiction' tells the story of one CEO's quest to take a health service from ordinary to extraordinary.  But not everyone wants to go with her... 

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From helpless to helpful - let's get proactive about great care.

Learned helplessness is discussed a lot in healthcare. I’ve heard it blamed for every ill from staff not speaking up for safety, to allowing chronic poor care to go unchallenged. From my perspective it is a key contributor to average or poor care. Too often I see or hear of situations where staff know that things need fixing but don’t feel they can do anything about it, or have lost the will to aim for anything other than mediocrity.

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When we hear what we wish we hadn't

Recently on a plane I pricked up my ears to this conversation  – roughly paraphrased – going on behind me:

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Plan to be great - not just to survive

The start of another year – and people are planning.  If you’re reading this, you’re probably developing an improvement plan for the year. – or thinking about it!

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Ten Leadership Practices for Great Care

‘If it doesn’t happen in habit, it doesn’t happen.’

I’m not sure who to attribute this quote to – possibly Steven Covey. If he didn’t say it, he should have!  But whoever it was, I’m a fan of this idea.  What’s this got to do with the first QualityNews for 2017? As regular readers will know, I like to kick off each new year with something – a goal or challenge –  that inspires action to make care better at the end of the year than it is at the beginning.   This year, I’m challenging you to master and implement 10 leadership practices that will kickstart your quality system, turbo charge your clinical governance and transform your consumer experience.

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The dangerous 'Everyone comes to work to do a good job' belief

How would you like a report into an organisation you are associated with to be called ‘A Shameful Chapter…’?  No, me neither.  And yet this is now the case for many people who are, and have been for the past decade or so, associated with the Oakden Older Persons Mental Health Service (Oakden facility); with the release of the latest in string of reports on suboptimal care at the service.

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My new book: The Point of Care is now available!

Looking for an easy way to build your quality leadership knowledge and skills?  In The Point of Care, I take organisational improvement from the dry and technical topic it can be and embed it in the story of a health service trying to make a difference against the odds and against time. 

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