My new book: The Point of Care is now available!

Carol Mathewson has a problem. Lots of them, in fact.  As the new CEO of Kinsley Valley Health Service, she’s taken over the helm of an organisation that ranks last in the state for both consumer and staff satisfaction. She loves a challenge—but having just six months to get those results out of the basement is more of a challenge than she bargained for. Her Executive Team is divided, many staff are resistant to change and there are players inside and outside of the organisation willing her to fail.

This is a story that anyone in health and human services can relate to, and can help get the key players in your organisation about what a quality system is, and what it can do for your consumers, your staff, your organisation -  and you!

And it's not just a story; all throughout are my best tools, tips and models for creating consistently great care in your organisation, including: leadership, change, planning for great care, implementation, improvement, staff engagement and cultivating the right mindset for the best results.  

Anyone in a leadership role in a health or human services organisation, responsible for providing a great service, will relate to and be able to apply The Point of Care lessons and tools. 

I hope it helps you in your quest to create great care with your consumers.