In Qualityclass Videos - I teach!  Best practice and practical - these are short Qualityclass training videos and interviews to help you quickly master the basics of key aspects of strategic quality management.  And they're free!

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Qualityclass Videos

Qualityclass Videos


The 'LEEDIT' short course!

Ever thought you were leading people towards great care - but when you turned around no one was there?  We all know that feeling!  Most QI cycle tools don't help: they lead you through the process steps but are light on with the people steps required to energise people about change. Sharpen up your leadership skills with the LEEDIT five top tips for engaging people in every step of the improvement cycle.  Don't just work towards great care - #LEEDIT!

'Hi Cathy, finished your 6 part LEEDIT course today and loved it. It may even replace my current PDCA guidance!' - Audrey Ellis, Quality Manager, Link Health and Community.

More info about the course......Access the course

ALSO NEW...Create a More Satisfying Quality Leader Role

Feel like you're working hard - but not satisfied with the results?  Too many people in leadership roles are not happy in their jobs.  There are some things you can do to reflect on where the problems are and build more satisfaction into your role.  Don't wait another year for satisfaction to magically appear - create it!


Lead a Strategic Quality System to create great care for your consumers: workshop with Western Health Service on their implementation of the SQS model: quality for the real world!

50 mins across three parts: Available here

Essential Survival Tips for Quality Professionals: avoid overwhelm, have more influence, get your message across and manage change to be a more successful quality leader! Available here

Accelerate your improvement progress: practical tips for faster progress towards great care.  Available here

Clinical Governance in Health Services: does it make a difference?  Interview for La Trobe University, 2016.  Watch here

Use the Strategic Quality System to plan, govern and measure high-quality care for every consumer: Available here

Quality Guru Animated videos:

Amy Ace, Quality Manager, consults the Quality Guru for advice on quality planning, staff buy-in and the secrets of great quality managers in these short, fun, animated videos, available here