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Courses for Purchase

CG for Boards and Executives Video Workshop

A pre-recorded video workshop on how to implement clinical (or quality) governance as a strategy for leading and governing for a high performing organisation. 

Suitable for: boards, executives, senior managers and quality and clinical governance teams across acute, aged and community services.

Price: AUD$87.00 plus GST.  Find out more and purchase the workshop here.

Do you ever feel that there's a lot of clinical governance activity in your organisation - but that care and services are not showing the improvement they should be as a result?  When you're discussing clinical governance around the board table, is everyone is on the same page about what it means - or their role in it?  Do you have a shared picture of what success looks like and how clinical governance can help you achieve it?  Or are you using the clinical governance 'hope' method: doing lots - and hoping that something good comes out of it?

This workshop is designed to make sense of clinical governance so that boards and executives can develop a common understanding of how to use it to enhance their organisation's performance.

The material is designed for new and experienced board and executive members.  'Old hands' will discover new ways of refreshing and re-crafting their clinical governance systems as strategies for developing high performing care organisations. Less experienced members will absorb why clinical governance is important and their role in leading it.

This 1.5 hour video workshop includes reflection exercises and discussion points and can be used as an education session, onboarding for new board and executive members, a CG refresher, and a planning discussion to plot the way forward for a more strategic clinical governance approach in your organisation.

NOTE: as this workshop is designed for boards, executives and senior managers across acute, aged and community services, it does not teach a specific clinical governance standard. The CG information is generic and helps explain  your accreditation program's clinical governance requirements - but does not dive into individual components.  The intent is to show how clinical governance overall can be used to drive high quality care and services. 



I'm pleased to bring you my complete strategic quality system - for the first time in an online course - including tips and tactics I've never taught in a live workshop!

And to celebrate a decade since my second book 'Create a Great Quality System'  was launched, I've taken 10% off the purchase price for a limited time in 2023! (Offer closes December 8 2023.)

Great quality systems that achieve great care must be specifically designed and implemented for success. The QSR is the only step by step course that synthesises best practice and experience into a strategic path toward creating great point of care and service experiences, within the complexity of human service organisations.

Over five video modules, you'll develop your toolkit - and start applying it - to build a strategic, point of service and care-based quality system, including:

  • Six Actions: steps to designing a quality system that gets real results for consumers and staff
  • Six Accelerators: my best tools (some I've never shared before) and tactics to drive successful implementation

The Actions cover the essentials of design, engagement and planning; and the Accelerators give you my best tools, tactics and templates to drive implementation towards great care as business as usual. 

PRICE: AUD $197   $177 plus GST (Offer closes Friday December 8 2023.)

Find out more and purchase the QSR Course by clicking here.

Hear from some QSR course users:

Quality Improvement Lead, Alfred Health

Cathy is able to translate the language of strategic quality planning to a language that is meaningful for the frontline staff. The modules truly are a roadmap that take you through a step by step process. It's applicable to all staff, but in particular leaders and managers.

National Director, Clinical Governance, Healthscope

Many organisations are pretty good at quality and safety compliance tasks – but are heartily sick of them, and wonder “is that all there is?” Here is a super opportunity to make quality and safety leadership more inspirational for staff and consumers alike - and this course will help you deliver that.  The QSR Course would be extremely useful for Board members, CEOs, Directors of Nursing, Quality Managers, and middle managers - and particularly useful for members of an organisation’s Quality Committee.

Director Strategy, Development and Marketing, EACH

Thanks Cathy for capturing in this format your practical, “cutting straight through to the essence of the issue” style. This series is a fantastic way to focus on the building blocks to ensure that the quality program is something that does not sit in the corner to be dusted off for accreditation, but is something that is alive in the organisation and does make a difference at point of care for every person every time.

Don't find yourself in a year's time with the same problems of engaging staff and mediocre results - follow the Quality System Roadmap to a better way and Great Care!


Qualityclass Free Videos

Four Clinical Governance Rabbit Holes to Avoid

Feeling CG-stuck? Whatever sector you're in, you can extract yourself from the maze of CG rabbit holes by following the four tips in this video

The 'LEEDIT' free video course!

Ever thought you were leading people towards great care - but when you turned around no one was there?  We all know that feeling!  Most QI cycle tools don't help: they lead you through the process steps but are light on with the people steps required to energise people about change. Sharpen up your leadership skills with the LEEDIT five top tips for engaging people in every step of the improvement cycle.  Don't just work towards great care - #LEEDIT!

'Hi Cathy, finished your 6 part LEEDIT course today and loved it. It may even replace my current PDCA guidance!' - Audrey Ellis, Quality Manager, EACH.

More info about the course.... Access the course

ALSO NEW...Create a More Satisfying Quality Leader Role

Feel like you're working hard - but not satisfied with the results?  Too many people in quality leadership roles are not happy in their jobs.  There are some things you can do to reflect on where the problems are and build more satisfaction into your role.  Don't wait another year for satisfaction to magically appear - create it!

Lead a Strategic Quality System to create great care for your consumers: workshop with Western Health Service on their implementation of the SQS model: quality for the real world!

50 mins across three parts: Available here

Essential Survival Tips for Quality Professionals: avoid overwhelm, have more influence, get your message across and manage change to be a more successful quality leader! Available here

Accelerate your improvement progress: practical tips for faster progress towards great care.  Available here

Clinical Governance in Health Services: does it make a difference?  Interview for La Trobe University.  Watch here

Use the Strategic Quality System to plan, govern and measure high-quality care for every consumer: Available here

Quality Guru Animated videos:

Amy Ace, Quality Manager, consults the Quality Guru for advice on quality planning, staff buy-in and the secrets of great quality managers in these short, fun, animated videos, available here