Examples of Services

Examples of major Qualityworks projects undertaken over the past 5 years:

Review and Development Projects

Development of strategic quality and clinical governance plans for a range of health services, including small rural services, major teaching facilities and large not for profit organisations.

Development of tools, frameworks and recommendations for state health departments, including:

  • State-wide clinical governance and quality frameworks
  • State-wide health service quality frameworks
  • Review of public sector residential aged care quality systems and development of a public sector residential aged care governance readiness checklist
  • Review of a state-wide mental health improvement initiative
  • Mental health clinical service standards and performance measures (with JA Projects and CQM Consulting)
  • Cancer services quality framework

Evaluations of major funding initiatives, such as:

  • Governance of Victorian Integrated Cancer Services
  • National review of small rural hospital issues with implementing national safety and quality standards
  • National clinical handover pilot (with Grosvenor Consulting)

Examples of education and facilitation projects

Development and facilitation of a range of education and training, such as:

  • 'Develop a strategic, organisation-wide quality system' workshop for the Australian Council on Healthcare Standards Improvement academy
  • Development and facilitation of the Victorian Department of Health Nurse Practitioner Candidate Mentoring Pilot
  • Fundamentals of safety and quality improvement for the ISQua Knowledge portal (with Sydney University)
  • State-wide clinical leadership program (with the Australasian College of Health Service Managers)
  • Management innovation action learning sets for Victorian health service managers for a ministerial advisory council (with La Trobe University and JA Projects)
  • Clinical governance workshops for health services, community, acute and aged professional associations and the Asia Business Forum
  • Advanced skills workshops for quality managers for national health and aged care accreditation organisations
  • Development of a Quality Manager skills and knowledge framework 
  • Quality Manager mentoring and coaching
  • Keynote presentations and facilitation of a variety of conference and seminar panels and discussion sessions