Examples of Services

Qualityworks specialises in:

  • Making quality make sense for boards, executives, managers and staff through practical f2f, online and video workshops, where participants define high-quality care and identify their roles in pursuing it every day 
  • Developing strategic quality and CG frameworks that set clear strategic goals for high-quality care and operationalise them through line management, striving for business as usual implementation
  • Online Strategic Clinical Governance Coaching with Boards and Executives.

Examples of major Qualityworks projects:


Coaching for department heads and other staff to familiarise them with the kinds of questions they may be asked by accreditation assessors (using PICMoRS for organisations assessed against the NSQHS Standards), and how to best showcase their use of accreditation standards to achieve high-quality care. 

Review and Development Projects

Development of strategic quality and clinical governance plans for a range of health services, including small rural services, major teaching facilities and large not for profit organisations.

Development of tools, frameworks and recommendations for state health departments, including:

  • State-wide clinical governance and quality frameworks
  • State-wide health service quality frameworks
  • Review of public sector residential aged care quality systems and development of a public sector residential aged care governance readiness checklist
  • Review of a state-wide mental health improvement initiative
  • Mental health clinical service standards and performance measures (with JA Projects and CQM Consulting)
  • Cancer services quality framework

Evaluations of major initiatives, such as:

  • Governance of Victorian Integrated Cancer Services
  • National review of small rural hospital issues with implementing national safety and quality standards
  • National clinical handover pilot (with Grosvenor Consulting)

Examples of education and facilitation projects

Development and facilitation of a range of education and training, such as:

  • 'Develop a strategic, organisation-wide quality system' workshop for the Australian Council on Healthcare Standards Improvement academy
  • Development and facilitation of the Victorian Department of Health Nurse Practitioner Candidate Mentoring Pilot
  • Fundamentals of safety and quality improvement for the ISQua Knowledge portal (with Sydney University)
  • State-wide clinical leadership program (with the Australasian College of Health Service Managers)
  • Management innovation action learning sets for Victorian health service managers for a ministerial advisory council (with La Trobe University and JA Projects)
  • Clinical governance workshops for health services, community, acute and aged professional associations and the Asia Business Forum
  • Advanced skills workshops for quality managers for national health and aged care accreditation organisations
  • Development of a Quality Manager skills and knowledge framework 
  • Quality Manager mentoring and coaching
  • Keynote presentations and facilitation of a variety of conference and seminar panels and discussion sessions