Qualityworks Consulting

Qualityworks Consulting

Helping human services organisations create great care

Qualityworks P/L is an Australian based consultancy, specialising in the development and evaluation of quality and governance systems and plans,  professional development and support for quality managers and facilitation of debate and discussion on healthcare quality issues.

Qualityworks uses the proven Strategic Quality System Model to quickly and easily define the great consumer experience your organisation wants to provide, and the people and processes required to achieve it.  We assist organisations to develop their capability for sustained safety and quality performance through shared purpose, robust governance, strategic quality planning and enhanced staff and quality manager participation. 

Qualityworks draws on over 20 years’ experience,  taking a practical, first principles approach to improving quality that minimises jargon and maximises engagement, understanding and implementation in the complex healthcare environment. 

Qualityworks Services

Working with quality and healthcare professionals

  • Mentoring and coaching
  • Professional development and training
  • Learning sets and support networks for managers and quality managers

Providing education and facilitating discussion

  • Quality and clinical governance education and training for governing bodies, managers, quality managers and staff
  • Seminar and conference presentations
  • Facilitating seminar and conference panels, debates and discussions on quality, safety and standards

Collaborating with health services and policymakers for improvement

  • Using the Strategic Quality System Model to develop and implement strategic quality plans and systems for engaging staff in improving safety and quality and enhancing the consumer experience
  • Review of national standards
  • Accreditation readiness analysis and preparation
  • Develop and implement standards and measures
  • Review and develop quality and governance frameworks
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of quality systems and improvement activities
  • Develop quality and governance – related policy.