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What is Qualityclass?


Qualityclass online and face to face training products are designed to equip Boards, Executives, Leaders, Quality System Managers and Teams with straightforward strategic quality governance knowledge and skills.  Based on my 'strategic quality system', the material is about mastering the basics of practical governance systems - that achieve real results and great experiences for - and with - consumers.'Qualityclass Max'  courses comprise online modules to equip you with the skills and tools you need to master the basics of great quality systems, and are available for purchase. 

'Qualityclass Minis' are free training videos and interviews on key components of strategic, consumer-focused quality systems.

Qualityclass in Action


Feedback on Qualityclass Max 'Lead a Strategic Quality Governance System' from Metro South (Queensland) Mental Health, Alcohol and Drugs Services:

Hi Cathy, Just a quick email to let you know how much I appreciate your Quality Max online course which is proving to be a great learning and development tool for our Clinical Governance team. The sessions prompt lots of valuable discussions as well as generating ideas about activities and strategies we would like to implement. The whole Clinical Governance Team participates in the sessions, including the administration officers, and it has really helped us to identify and develop each and every person’s role in the quality and safety agenda.

Thank you for developing such a valuable resource.

Kathy Stapley

Director, Clinical Governance
Metro South Addiction & Mental Health Services, Metro South Health

Thanks Kathy!

Rochester and Elmore District Health  (REDHS) share their experience of working with Qualityclass:

Lynn Wolfe, Quality Manager, sent me this photo and asked if i was proud - was I ever!  This is exactly what Qualityclass is designed for - getting groups together to work through, discuss, learn, and think about their organisations: where they are and where they'd like to go.

Lynn wrote:

At our March meeting we decided to have a hard look at the committee and define goals etc.,  I wasn’t sure, at that point, how best to go about it.  We had been considering purchasing the Qualityclass Max program anyway, but after your presentation at Bendigo re committees, I was convinced that it would be a positive move.  I thought this would form a great basis for our review. Our CEO approved and the DCS came on board. We came up with an agenda to maximise our time with videos and workbooks interchanged along the way. 

We requested that members watch (at a minimum) the Introduction and Overview videos and then Module 1 if they had time (only gave them a week!). On the night we went through Modules 2 and 3 and started Module 4. At our September meeting we intend to do the data collecting/reporting module.

Everyone commented that they  felt that we got a lot out of it and facilitated a structured review that we could tailor to suit our committee. Board members and Executive team members particularly liked the questions that were posed, to aid in reflection.

The REDHS Board members said:  

"Modules provided an opportunity for board discussion and reflection about how well our processes are going and what could be improved"

"Good examples particularly emphasising the need for language that lay people can relate to"

'At the BOM we relayed to the others what a great opportunity it was with the tutorials and the discussions it created.'

'Thanks again Lynn for facilitating such a great concept - I got a lot out of it.'