Whether you're a seasoned professional or just starting on your quality leadership 'path', this is the website for you if you want to make quality make sense - and create great care in the process.

I specialise in developing and implementing quality systems in health and human services that ‘make quality make sense'.  Whether it's setting up a new system or enhancing an exisiting one - across an organisation, a department or a service -  the strategic quality system strips away the jargon and fads to apply a practical, common sense approach to defining and achieving consistently high quality care.

The cornerstone of my work is a unique and simple strategic quality system (SQS) model, developed over many years of research and real-world experience, to answer one key question: how can we create great care for every person, every time?’

The SQS model helps boards, executives, department heads, quality managers and clinicians align their services around achieving the great point of care experiences they want for their consumers and staff.  I support people to implement the model through face to face workshops, online courses and my books: The Strategic Quality Manager Handbook, and Create a Great Quality System in Six Months Blueprint.  

You'll find some feedback from SQS users here.

I'm also committed to enhancing the ‘Quality Intelligence’ of all who work in health, aged and community services, and you'll find a wide range of useful free tools, interviews with quality leaders, my podcast and training on my website to help you further develop yours!


Dr Cathy Balding, FCHSM, GAICD

What's New?


Carol Mathewson has a problem. Lots of them, in fact.  As the new CEO of Kinsley Valley Health Service, she’s taken over the helm of an organisation that ranks last in the state for both consumer and staff satisfaction. She loves a challenge—but having just six months to get those results out of the basement is more of a challenge than she bargained for. Her Executive Team is divided, many staff are resistant to change and there are players inside and outside of the organisation willing her to fail.

In The Point of Care, I take organisational improvement from the dry and technical topic it can be and embed it in the story of a CEO trying to make a difference against the odds.

And it's not just a story; all through are my best tools, tips and models for creating consistently great care in your organisation.  Keep an eye on my QNews bulletin for advance notice of availability: QNews readers will be the first to know!



We’re back! – for another episode of “No Harm Done”, hosted by Cathy Balding and Cathy Jones.  

When you've had a listen we'd be happy to hear your thoughts and suggestions so we can make it as useful as possible for you and your role - so leave us a comment or a question on the podcast website and let us know if you'd like us to address something in a future episode.



Read my new research on why quality systems can distract from, rather than support, high quality care.





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The Strategic Quality System Model


The Strategic Quality System Model is the foundation of creating great care, and the basis of my books, training and consulting.  Based on the latest research and real world experience, it supports boards, managers, quality system managers and clinicians to make sense of quality and clinical governance; by defining and guiding the purpose, people and pillars of quality systems that create and sustain great care. 

Watch me explain the SQS Model here, and read testimonials from individuals and organisations on how the SQS inspired and guided them to pursue great care with their consumers here.




Master the Basics with Qualityclass.

Qualityclass is the online education and training arm of Qualityworks. 

Qualityclass courses and videos are designed to help you 'master the basics' of effective quality governance and improvement systems that create great care and make a real difference for your consumers.  

'Qualityclass Minis' are short, free training videos and interviews that teach key quality system leadership and implementation concepts so you can build your great care system on a solid foundation.

Face to face training is also available at Qualityworks Consulting.




Practical perspectives and experience on what makes a great quality system tick: how to lead, engage staff, create great care and make a difference.

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2.  QUALITYTALKS: Interviews on leading great care

A series of interviews with leaders committed to great care.    Whether it's telling their leadership story, or practical instructions on how to set and achieve goals for great care, this is The Why, What and How of really making a difference, from a variety of perspectives.

3. NO HARM DONE PODCAST: a monthly rap on what's going on in the world of quality: tricky issues, sacred cows, myths and useful information to get your quality system going!  'No Harm Done', is where Cathy Jones (National Manager Quality & Compliance, Healthscope) and I chew the quality, safety and clinical governance fat; exploring issues, reviewing articles, tackling the tough questions - and having some fun in the process.  It's aimed at anyone in health and human services charged with leading and improving the quality and safety of the care your organisation provides.

4. QUALITYTOOLS: A selection of practical tools, tips, research and resources to enhance your quality system effectiveness.

Includes the SQS model and an example of implementation, quality system maturity scale, presentations, templates, checklists and tips, and much more... including my research on effective quality systems and the Ten Leadership Practices for Great Care.




Both available hard copy or e-book. Purchase a 'Create a Great Quality System' or 'The Strategic Quality Manager' or buy both together as the 'Total Quality System Solution Pack' and save 15% on the total price.


'Hi Cathy, I am currently reading through your two books, the Strategic Quality Manager and Create a Great Quality System. They are fantastic!...and have been a godsend in helping me make sense of a great framework and approach. I am following your suggested processes which make so much sense.'

Anita Fisher, Senior Manager Quality and Practice, Northcott.



CGQS Blueprint

Create a Great Quality System In Six Months Blueprint

You need a Great Quality System to create Great Care...and now, here's the blueprint to help you to do just that. (Download a preview using the link below.)

Create a Great Quality System In Six Months  is a step by step, month by month blueprint for building and implementing a quality system that staff will want to use to create a great consumer experience for every person, every time. Read more and purchase in hard copy or e-book here.


Balding-Cathy_Create-A-Great-Quality-System-In-Six-Months_ebook_SAMPLE.pdf Balding-Cathy_Create-A-Great-Quality-System-In-Six-Months_ebook_SAMPLE.pdf (1008kB)

SQM Handbook

The Strategic Quality Manager Handbook

The Strategic Quality Manager Handbook is written for quality system managers – and those managing quality managers – to help develop their roles to be more effective – and satisfying.  

This is the book I wish I'd had when starting out! 

Read more and purchase the Strategic Quality Manager Handbook hard copy or e-book here



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Making quality make sense - face to face!

Qualityworks is my consulting arm that exists to help health, aged, community and human service organisations fulfil their potential for creating great care with their consumers.

If you're looking for something practical, motivating and lively on governance and improvement for your conference, workshop or forum -that's what we do!  Contact us here.

Check out the Qualityclass Minis for a sneak preview to see if we can help you liven up your next quality-related event! 



Women Who Care: Creating Great Care - Everywhere

If you're into learning and discussion with other like minded women...come along to a Women Who Care event!  I founded WWC with Veronica Strachan to provide a forum for women in the caring professions where they can learn, discuss, share the burdens and celebrate the successes - and in the process, create even greater care!  

Find out more about WWC events here.