How one leader takes a health service from ordinary to extraordinary. Read more about this book A handbook for navigating and creating and effective quality management system in healthcare. Read more about this book You need a Great Quality System to create Great Care ... and now, here's the blueprint to help you do just that. Read more about this book The framework for building and maintaining quality systems in health & aged care services. Read more about this book package

Creating Great Care with Great Quality Systems

Make quality and clinical governance make sense - and create great care in the process.

I specialise in developing and implementing quality and clinical governance systems in health, aged care and human services that ‘make quality make sense'.  If you're setting up a new system or enhancing an existing one - across an organisation, a department or a service -  you'll find a resource to help you here!  My books, videos, interviews, tools and podcast are all aimed at one thing: helping you to help others create consistently great care. 

The cornerstone of my work is a unique and simple strategic quality system (SQS) model, developed over many years of research and real-world experience, designed to answer one key question: ‘how can we create great care for every person, every time?’  Read more...

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Dr Cathy Balding, FCHSM, GAICD




Cathy’s books support great point of care experiences through strategic focus and practical quality and clinical governance system implementation.

Tools, Tips & Resources

Tools, Tips & Resources

Tools, Tips & Resources are designed to help you make your quality system more dynamic, effective, savvy, practical and point of care focused.



Qualityclass online & face-face training products are designed to equip executives, managers and teams with the 'will and skill' to create great care.

Qualityworks Consulting

Qualityworks Consulting

Helping health, aged, community & human service organisations fulfill their potential to create great care for every consumer, every time.


My free 'LEEDIT' short course is here! 

Ever thought you were leading people towards great care - but when you turned around there was no-one there?  We all know that feeling!  Most QI cycle tools don't help: they lead you through the process steps but are light on with the people steps required to energise people about change. Sharpen up your leadership skills with the LEEDIT five top tips for engaging people in every step of the improvement cycle.  Don't just work towards great care - LEEDIT!

'Hi Cathy, finished your 6 part LEEDIT course today and loved it. It may even replace my current PDCA guidance!' - Audrey Ellis, Quality Manager, Link Health and Community.

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The Point of Care: how one leader took a health service from ordinary to extraordinary.  Best practice tools and lessons are told in a fictional story applicable to health, aged care and community services. Now available in paperback, ebook - and the new audiobook!  See the drop down 'products' menu above for details.

The NHD Podcast

We’re back! – with another episode of “No Harm Done”, hosted by Cathy Jones and Cathy Balding.  NHD is a podcast about improving, exploring, understanding and getting on with safety and quality governance, improvement and creation across acute, aged and community services. 


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NEW - The Point of Care

The Point of Care

We take organisational improvement from the dry and technical topic it can be and embed it in the story of a CEO trying to make a difference against the odds - and against time.

The SQM Handbook

The SQM Handbook

A Handbook for Navigating Quality Management Roles in Health and Aged Care. This book contains theory, tips, step by step models and practical examples.

The CGQS Blueprint Book

The CGQS Blueprint Book

A step by step blueprint for building and implementing a quality system that staff will want to use to create a great consumer experience for every person, every time.

Total Quality System Solution

Total Quality System Solution

The SQM Handbook & The CGQS Blueprint provide the framework for an effective quality system that achieves high-quality care. Purchase together and receive 15% off the total price. 

Getting Results with The Strategic Quality System

Thank you so much for the workshop, I have had very positive feedback from Directors and Staff, it was lovely to meet you and be impacted by your enthusiasm for getting it right for those in our care, a passion we all share. The art of care is so often forgotten when we focus on the science/evidence so highlighting in clear terms that both matter was great. Thanks also for your book, I look forward to reading it.

Rachel Bovenizer, Chief Executive Officer, Peninsula Home Hospice