Create a Great Quality System in Six Months (hard copy)


Often quality publications provide a great deal of theory but not much in the way of practical application. Cathy's book is a very practical and insightful guide to developing a great quality system.

It is strongly reflective of an author who is in touch with the workings of a health service and the type of approach to quality and safe patient care that will engage staff and benefit patients.

We would strongly recommend its use to support the development of not only a practical model for a quality system but a really well thought out and meaningful model for ongoing review and improvement of quality, safe patient care.  Western Health, Melbourne

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This book is a step by step, month by month blueprint for building and implementing a quality system that staff will want to use to create a great consumer experience for every person, every time.  Click on 'Add to Cart' below to make your purchase.

The strategic quality system blueprint is based on the literature, applied research and real world experience that formed the basis of my first book ‘The Strategic Quality Manager’.

It builds in buy-in: instead of developing your quality system and then starting on the long journey to gaining staff co-operation, ‘Create a Great Quality System’ does both at once – merging quality mechanics with quality mindsets.

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