The Strategic Quality Manager: A Handbook for Navigating Quality Management Roles in Health and Aged Care


Balding's extensive policy and practice knolwedge and experience in healthcare quality management authoritatively underpin this thoroughly researched guide.

The book's accessible language and friendly tone make it a pleasure to read...its inherent practicality will potentially extend beyond quality a wider audience of healthcare managers and professionals who are accountable for undertaking or overseeing quality-related functions.' A/Professor Kerin Robinson, Australian Health Information Management Interchange, 2012.

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Published by Arcade Custom,  Australia.  ISBN: 978-0-98717-141-2

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A selection of what you'll find on SQM.

  • Create a Great Quality System In Six Months Blueprint and The Strategic Quality Manager Handbook (also in ebook.)  SQM is the What and Why of improving healthcare quality; it defines the quality manager role, shows how to develop it to a strategic level and describes the most important components of the QM toolbox. CGQS is the 'How To'  that takes the information in SQM and applies it to a step by step blueprint for developing an effective quality system.  Both together create the Total Quality System Blueprint.
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