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Whether you're a seasoned professional or just starting on your quality 'path', this is the website for you if you want to make quality  - (creation, improvement, systems, management, control) - make sense!

Here is the test to find whether your mission on Earth is finished: if you’re alive, it isn’t. – Richard Bach

There's still plenty to do! - for those of us on a mission to create consistently great experiences for consumers of health, aged and community services.  This website is dedicated to helping you do just that. It's the website I wish I'd had access to when I started out...(read more)

My particular mission is the development and implementation of quality and clinical governance systems, training and support that makes sense to staff and a difference to consumers and organisations. I help organisations to cut through the jargon and get clear about the why, what and how of great quality care in three steps:

  1. Define what great care and services are for their consumers in concrete, measurable terms.
  2. Identify what skills and attitudes staff need to create great care.
  3. Implement the systems required to support people to create great care.

A big part of this is finding a variety of ways to equip health, aged, community and human services' leaders to motivate, enable and team up with staff to create great care. Through my strategic quality system, QualityNews bulletin, Qualityclass online training and QualityTalks interviews with leaders, I develop and source evidence-based systems and motivators that work. 

This means that boards, executives and health professionals from all sectors, wherever they are and whatever their experience, can access, master and apply practical information and training to help make a difference to the safety, quality and governance of their care - and enjoy the process!



Scroll down the page to find what you need:

  • Up to date quality/clinical governance information and opinion

  • Online and video training to master the clinical governance and quality improvement basics Find out about my strategic quality system, master the basics of leading great care, sharpen your change skills and develop purposeful, consumer-centred approaches to quality and governance

  • Books to deepen your strategic quality improvement effectiveness, and guide you to creating a great quality system

  • practical, motivating speaker or consultant who enjoys making quality make sense  

  • Tools, Tips and Links to other useful information that will take your quality system from good to great 

What's New on SQM this month?



I'm happy to say that I have a new free training video ready to go!  Late last year I ran a workshop with Western Health about their implementation of my strategic quality model, and this is now available for you to watch over three short videos.   We kick off with by demonstrating the exercise that defines high quality care, and then Western discusses the good, the bad and the ugly of their whole of organisation approach to making it happen for every consumer, finishing with top tips and the next stage of the journey.

Perfect for those who are also implementing the SQS model, to get some tips and reminders about what works and what doesn't; and also for those considering using the model in their organisation.  And if you don't fit in either category, just a useful refresher training for boards, executives, clinical and quality improvement leaders on key strategies for  a whole of organisation approach to leading safe, high quality care.

Go to the 'Qualityclass' tab and click on 'Qualityclass Minis' to watch.

NEW in Tools, Tips and Links: Ten Leadership Practices for Great Care

Apply the Ten Practices and create great care with your consumers over 2017.


We all have it - cognitive bias.  Have you ever thought that it could be stopping you from doing the things you need to do to create great care in your organisation?  Check it out under 'Tools Tips and Links Resources' above: which bias do you suffer from?

What do the 'Lead a Strategic Quality System' Qualityclass and a Clinical Governance Award have in common?  Check out the 'Training' section below to find out!

And have a look at 'Qualityclass' under the Qualityclass tab above to read feedback from a Mental Health, Alcohol and Drugs Service on how they're using the Qualityclass Max 'Lead a Strategic Quality Governance System online course':

...the whole Clinical Governance Team participates in the sessions, including the administration officers, and it has really helped us to identify and develop each and every person’s role in the quality and safety agenda...

The six achievements of an effective quality system.  Click here to see how yours shapes up!


QualityTalks audio interviews with some great lessons and insights for you to apply in your service (listen here)

Jacque Phillips, CEO of Numurkah District Health Service discusses leadership in times of crisis. In 2012 devastating floods caused the evacuation of her hospital.  What did she learn about leadership - when it really counts?

Julie Warnock, an organisational psychologist who teaches leadership in healthcare, reflects on her experience of healthcare leadership - as a patient. What does leadership and clinical governance look like from the other side of the bed?  What's really important when your life is in their hands?

...AND ME! Dr Ming Liang interviewed me recently as part of the lectures I give on clinical governance at La Trobe University, where I try to give a slightly different perspective on what's really important in clinical governance.  Anyone can find and implement the key clinical governance systems required to support safe, high quality care - but what does it take to make a real difference at point of care?  What one thing would make a big difference if boards and executives focused on it a little more? A casual chat on a very important topic.  Watch here

My November QualityNews bulletin, discussing the Djerriwarrh Health Servces clinical governance failure that resulted in the deaths of seven babies. A catastrophe that reminds us of the importance of clinical governance - but why do we need reminding? This one struck a chord with the QualityNews community!  Find it here.

Watch this space! - for new material over the course of 2017.


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Staff engagment in improvement a challenge?  

We discuss this a lot in QualityNews- including tools and tips to help motivate and engage. Want a little extra help? 

Enter your name and email below to receive QualityNews - and you'll also receive my 'Four Cs' Staff Commitment Model: a framework showing the key ingredients required to empower staff to engage with and drive change and improvement.


'I love reading the newsletter from Qualityworks. The information allows the team to reflect on and question why and what we are doing. It challenges us to focus on how we can consistently provide high quality and safe care to every person and ensure that the person is central to all decision making.'  Catherine Morley, CEO, NW Rural Health Service.

QualityNews tackles a different improvement-related topic, such as staff engagement and empowerment for change, each month, including the latest research, initiatives and practical hints and tips for anyone involved in leading and creating great consumer experiences.  

Lots of quality food for thought for over a thousand subscribers dedicated to making a real difference for their consumers.  QualityNews is also where I give you the heads up on upcoming new materials on my website and occasional free training videos.

Take a look at Edition 1 under the Tools Tips and Links - QualityNews Signup - tab.

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Practical perspectives and experience on what makes a great quality system tick: how to lead, engage staff, create great care and make a difference.

1. QUALITYNEWS: Sign up for my free monthly bulletin

Enter your name and email address in the box on the right of this page to receive monthly information (and a copy of my 'Four C's' Staff Engagement Model) about a current quality and clinical/quality governance topic, and periodic free 'mini Qualityclass' training. 

2.  QUALITYTALKS: Interviews on leading great care

A series of interviews with leaders committed to great care.    Whether it's telling their leadership story, or practical instructions on how to set and achieve goals for great care, this is the The Why, What and How of really making a difference, from a variety of perspectives.

Available here.

3. QUALITYTOOLS: A selection of practical tools, tips and resources to enhance your quality system effectiveness.

Includes the SQS model and an example of implementation, quality system maturity scale, presentations, templates, a free book chapter (21st Century Skills for Quality Managers) checklists and tips, and much more... Available here.

4. QUALITYBITES: the Qualityworks blog, striving to make quality make sense!



Master the Basics with Qualityclass.

Qualityclass is the education and training arm of Qualityworks. 

Qualityclass online training and face to face formats and products are designed to help you 'master the basics' of effective quality governance systems that make a real difference for your consumers.

'Qualityclass Maxare multi-module, online training courses that give you the skills and tools to lead and implement.

'Qualityclass Minis' are short, free training videos and interviews on basic quality system concepts.

Face to face training also available - see 'Qualityworks Consulting' below.

PHOTO: Rochester and Elmore District Health Service (REDHS) Board Quality Committee working through Qualityclass 'Lead a Strategic QGS'.  Read their story here.

2016 UPDATE: REDHS is the winner of the Victorian Healthcare Association’s Innovation in Clinical Governance Award 2016, with their engagement with 'Lead a Strategic Quality System Masterclass' part of their winning submission.  Congratulations!

(Thankyou to REDHS Quality Manager Lynn Wolfe for sharing their experience.)



Two books to help you do just that.

1. Create a Great Quality System In Six Months Blueprint

You need a Great Quality System to create Great Care...and now, here's the blueprint to help you to do just that. (Download a preview using the link below.)

Create a Great Quality System In Six Months’  is a step by step, month by month blueprint for building and implementing a quality system that staff will want to use to create a great consumer experience for every person, every time.  Read more.

Click the link below for a CGQS content sample.

Click here to Purchase CGQS Blueprint in hard copy or e-book.

Purchase 'Create a Great Quality System'  and 'The Strategic Quality Manager' together as the 'Total Quality System Solution Pack' and save 15% off the total price. (see Tab above.)

Feedback on 'Create a Great Quality System Blueprint'

'One of the real benefits of the book has been to focus us on defining a vision of best care in Western Health from the perspective of the patient and identifying the staff characteristics and organisational systems required to support this vision. This was a step missing in our previous attempts...Read more


Balding-Cathy_Create-A-Great-Quality-System-In-Six-Months_ebook_SAMPLE.pdf Balding-Cathy_Create-A-Great-Quality-System-In-Six-Months_ebook_SAMPLE.pdf (1008kB)

2. The Strategic Quality Manager Handbook

The Strategic Quality Manager Handbook is written for for quality system managers – and those managing quality managers – to help develop their roles to be more effective – and satisfying.  

Based on research and the literature, SQM explores the challenges of implementing a strategic approach to quality governance and improvement, how they can be met and why this is an effective approach to creating safe, high quality services for every person, every time.  It provides the theoretical basis for the step by step strategic quality system implementation roadmap in the 'Create a Great Quality System Blueprint'.

This is the book I wish I'd had when starting out! 

Read more and purchase the Strategic Quality Manager Handbook hard copy or e-book here

Testimonials for SQM:

'With Chapter One I already feel understood and inspired and am setting about reviewing the quality system and pulling a clearer framework together. Thanks...' (Rural Hospital Quality Manager.)

'This very comprehensive and informative book... fills a gap in the contemporary resources available...and it will be a wonderful guide for current and aspirant quality managers...'

Read More

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Making quality make sense - face to face!

Qualityworks is my consulting company that exists to help health, aged, community and human service organisation fulfil their potential for doing great things with - their consumers.

Qualityworks uses my Strategic Quality System model to design and implement quality and governance systems that engage staff to make a positive difference at point of care and service delivery.

If you're looking for something practical, motivating and lively on governance and improvement for your conference, workshop or forum -that's what we do!

Check out the Qualityclass Minis for a sneak preview - to see if we can help you liven up your next quality-related event! 


Contact me

To contact Qualityworks and Read More about Qualityworks projects and philosophy click here.

Women Who Care: Creating Great Care - Everywhere

If you're into learning and discussion with other like minded women...come along to a Women Who Care event!  I founded WWC with Veronica Strachan to provide a forum for women in the caring professions where they can learn, discuss, share the burdens and celebrate the successes - and in the process, create even greater care!  

Find out more about WWC events here.