Filomena Ciaveralla, Former Quality & Safety Director, Mercy Health Services

In 2014, Mercy Health set out to reinvigorate quality and safety. Following a series of workshops facilitated by Cathy and using the Strategic Quality Management System, we were able to clearly and meaningfully define our vision, goals and objectives for safe and quality care for patients at Mercy Health. Fast forwarding three years later, our quality framework has been embedded into many aspects of the business – indicator dashboards, quality improvement, decision-making, priority setting, compliance systems – and the list goes on.

Has it been an easy road? Absolutely not! Are we where we want to be? Absolutely not! We have made amazing headway though on our quality and safety journey and are really proud of how far our systems, processes and culture has come in such a short time. The best thing is that we have not lost our momentum, and our passion and enthusiasm is stronger than ever because of the staff engagement we have achieved along the way. We owe our success to the strong framework that was developed under Cathy’s leadership – it always brings us back to purpose and is built on solid, meaningful principles that resonate!