A Quality Management System is a planned and coordinated combination of monitoring, analysis, change and evaluation of processes and behaviours, for the purposes of maintaining standards, reducing problems and improving preformance and results.

Tools, Tips and Links Resources are designed to help you make your quality system more dynamic, effective, savvy and practical.  

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Is your quality management system doing its job?


In healthcare, an effective quality management system should:

  • Identify, eliminate or minimise the things that go wrong.
  • Support care and services to work well across the dimensions of quality care: safe, effective, appropriate, continuous, responsive.
  • Develop and enhance care and services to create a quality good experience for every consumer, every time.

A strategic quality system goes beyond compliance and incremental change to set a clear purpose for great consumer experiences, via aspiraitonal goals for what should be achieved for every consumer, every time. It should be a key plank in achieiving your organisation's strategic direction and operational success.

This purpose is pursued via alignment of great people and supportive governance systems across the organisation.

If your system is stuck in maintenance (compliance and monitoring) and not driving your organisation towards a great consumer experience every person, every time - it's time to take it to the next level.  Adapting some of the Tools, Tips and Links Resources is a great start.




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A selection of what you'll find on SQM.

  • Create a Great Quality System In Six Months Blueprint and The Strategic Quality Manager Handbook (also in ebook.)  SQM is the What and Why of improving healthcare quality; it defines the quality manager role, shows how to develop it to a strategic level and describes the most important components of the QM toolbox. CGQS is the 'How To'  that takes the information in SQM and applies it to a step by step blueprint for developing an effective quality system.  Both together create the Total Quality System Blueprint.
  • Qualityclass is the home of Qualityworks online and face to face training.
  • The Quality Pro Program is where you'll find handy tools, tips and links.  All of these resources have been selected because they are clear and practical, and based on research or experience from credible sources. Don't reinvent the wheel!  
  • My free book chapter '5 Essential Skills for 21st Century Quality Managers'; and, for Australian Quality Managers, tips and information on meeting the National Safety and Quality Health Service Standards also found under Tools, Tips and Links
  • QualityNews is the free monthly email newsletter, tackling a different Quality related topic every month.
  • Qualityworks Consulting where you'll find information on services available through Cathy's consulting business.

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